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2019 Minors Baseball Division

  In the Minor’s division we will allow a game to be played with 8 players. If you have less than 8 players you will have to forfeit the game.             

There will be a two-hour time limit on games. No new inning shall start after the two-hour limit. If the inning starts and the home team is trailing, it will be played out.

There will be a five-run per-inning maximum.

The game will be halted when one team is leading by 11 runs after four innings or six runs after five innings.

There will be a continuous batting order.

Each player will receive a minimum of two innings of playing time and one at-bat. If the game goes six innings, a player will receive a third inning of playing time.

There is unlimited steals of the bases, but only one steal of home per inning.

Infield fly rule is in effect.

Dropped third strike rule is NOT in effect.

There will be NO check bunts.  Meaning, a batter cannot show bunt to the fielders then pull back and swing.  This

will result in an automatic out.



Any pitcher that hits 3(THREE) batters in the course of a GAME will be taken out as a pitcher in that game.

Pitch counts/innings count must be on the web following the game on the same day.

 Zero tolerance policy this year. If there is a question if a player pitched a certain amount of pitches and that is not entered on the website he will be deemed ineligible to pitch that day.

 (New) Each manager is to verify pitch counts with opposing manager and sign off on each other books.

Catchers can only go in to pitch provided they've caught 3 innings or less.

Pitchers pitching 40 or fewer pitches can go in to catch.


20 pitches or fewer pitches: Can pitch the next day.
21-35 pitches: 1 day of rest
36-50 Pitches: 2 days of rest
51-65 pitches: 3 days of rest
66-plus pitches: 4 Days of Rest

11-12-year-olds ….....85 pitches
9-10-year-olds ….......75 pitches
7-8-year-olds ….........50 pitches


Call-Up Rules

As a way to ensure a team does not have to forfeit a game, we have instituted a call-up process for competitive divisions. If prior to game time, you know you will not have enough players, you will need to contact Buddy Purvis ( ) 914-629-0741

You should request the needed player/players (maximum of 2) please email or text Buddy as soon as you are aware of the shortage.


Call up Guidelines:

Player selection is completely random.  Only the Player Agent will know who is next on the list

Give at least 3 hours’ notice to give ample time to contact players

Asking a player on your own while down at the field is not permitted.  If you arrive at your game and don't have enough, text buddy as soon as possible.

Players called up will be from another minor’s team.  If we can't get a minors player, we may call up a few select 10-year-olds to fill in.

Maximum call up players per game is 2.


Managers Challenge: 

A manager will be given two challenges per game.  If there is a play that you feel needs help to determine the correct call.  A manager only will have to bring his challenge to the ASA umpire and he will talk it over with the youth umpire and determine the right call.   Coaches are not allowed to appeal or demonstrate any action that would influence a call. If a coach is caught appealing a call or influencing a call he/she will be ejected for the remainder of that game and will also not be available to coach the following game.

New USA Bat Rule: 

We are going to hold the managers responsible to make sure that only approved bats are allowed in the dugout. We ask you email all parents and advise them that when playing a little league game only approved USA bats are allowed to be brought into the dugout with their child. If someone is caught using a non-approved bat we will issue a warning to that manager. After the first warning, we will suspend that manager. If it happens a third time we will ask the manager to step down.